I got the Cyberblade Gaming Headphones from Angry Miao

Cyberblade Gaming Headphones

Headphones are usually pretty similar, with some exceptions. But when I got the Cyberblade gaming headphones from Angry Miao for review it wasn’t like any other pair of earbuds or buds in my collection; this one felt different! The feature set was also fairly innovative – there’s a base station that can double as either charging cupridium during use (when powered via USB)but also houses an audio controller complete with mic and controls so you don’t have to reach up into your hairline just trying figure out how much battery life remains on screen without taking off

The reason for making earbuds wireless is that they have been plagued by lag. The company claims you can do a lot with audio-processing chips already in your device, so these aren’t great when it comes to gaming or anything else where quick reactions are needed!

Angry Miao has created a base station that includes an audio processing chip. It’s designed to be plugged into the computer, so it matters less how power-hungry this particular piece of hardware is for users to unlock their computing power with additional features like high-definition playback without sacrificing battery life on your phone or tablet when paired through Bluetooth connectivity while also being able to control what you hear by sending out private streams over protocols which enables them Latest Generation High Definition Audio Experience.

The company claims that its product can deliver high-quality audio with low latency, as opposed to other products which sacrifice speed. In addition, it offers the usual battery of active noise cancellation and source-dependent sound optimizations for Zoom meetings, gaming or music listening.

I’m not one to judge the audio quality of anything, but these earphones are pretty average. The latency when playing games was noticeable though so that might be something worth considering if you’re looking for top-notch performance from your headphones!

I spoke to the CEO of this company, Li Nan. He assured me that lag is a terrible problem for everyone and they’re working on it without really being able to explain why yet!

“It’s a tough competition out there, but we have the edge because our product doesn’t require any work at the software level and it’s fast enough to eliminate latency problems,” says Mr.Nan.”

I’ve always been a fan of watching Netflix in bed. It’s so relaxing, and the sound effects make it feel like you’re there! But lately, even I’ve been noticing that something has gone wrong with my audio-visual experience: when an episode is about to end or start (especially if they are short ones), then all bets seem off because no matter how much time passes after visually seeing them stop scrolling through menus on screen…

I just don’t know what could be causing this behaviour; maybe someone else can help out by mentioning any possible solutions they might have seen before now?

When I first heard about these headphones, the idea seemed ridiculous to me. They’re bulky and heavy for something that doesn’t do anything but sit in your ears- how can they be more expensive than Apple AirPods Pro? But as soon as my editor asked if I would buy them at their asking price (slightly higher than what’s currently out there) — even though he reconfirmed this was an expense we needed on our end since it came down simply: “to see if any news articles are written.” So here goes nothing…

Cyberblade Gaming Headphones

The company has been tight-lipped about the product, but it appears they are doing a round of preorders on Kickstarter starting today. If you want your hands on this innovative new device then head over to their website once it is ready!


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