Top 10 Best Crypto Portfolio tracker apps in 2022

Crypto Portfolio tracker apps?

CryptoTrader exists to solve this problem. The app is free and available on iOS or Android, so you can enjoy it no matter what kind of phone/tablet device suits your needs best!

crypto portfolio tracker what?

The CryptoTrader platform ensures transparency by offering an easy way for everyone involved in crypto trading – beginners included-to see exactly where their investments went wrong without having to spend hours researching online articles about how these markets fluctuate based on different factors such as supply & demand levels plus news events happening worldwide at any given time…or even just one specific type.

What is a Coin Market Manager?

Coin Market Manager is a tool designed to help crypto traders keep track of their trades and analyze performance. The software offers features such as automated journaling, and trade history breakdowns with analytics on where you can make money or lose it most efficiently based on historical data from the past year in addition to trading tools that will allow users access to different markets without having any prior knowledge about them!

Crypto portfolio tracker app for your investment

Track your crypto and investments with these awesome apps! These programs can track multiple exchanges and hundreds of coins. They give you vital information in seconds, rather than hours or days – so it’s easy to see how portfolio trackers empower investing (especially if done right). When trying out different ones for yourself though…you’ll know immediately which one fits best because they all have unique features that make them stand apart from each other perfectly while still being handy tools at any time.

Let’s Start analyzing the best crypto tracker app… 


crypto tracker apps

CoinTracker is the only crypto tax software you need. It has features like portfolio tracking, real-time market values and support for 300+ exchanges that will make it easier to manage your cryptocurrency investments!

Tracking costs are difficult without this program because of its advanced functionalities such as cost basis accounting which helps optimize gains or losses on each transaction so they can be taxed at lower rates when harvesting them later down the line (based on the information given during setup).


crypto tracker apps

CoinStats is a premium tracker crypto portfolio which gives you personalized news, analytics and the power to manage your investment on desktop or mobile. You’ll find support for multiple wallets with API keys so that it can track investments across exchanges – all within one easy-to-use app!

The information provided includes charts showing growth per asset as well as an entire profile page showcasing heatmaps indicating where there are profits but also losses made by users in previous periods (which may be due either positively or negatively depending upon whether they were trading frequently). This helps investors make better-informed decisions when deciding how much money should go into what project/coin instead just throwing some cash at any old thing without thinking too deeply about it.

The Crypto App

crypto tracker apps

The Crypto App is a highly rated smartphone-only crypto portfolio tracker and news aggregator. This application supports integrating top exchanges, native blockchain wallets as well adaway in-app purchasing experience with their pro version which comes at a one-time fee or monthly subscription for full access to all features including more widgets on demand when needed without any ads interrupting your browsing session!


crypto portfolio tracker apps

Delta Investment Tracker is an application to keep a bird’s view on your complete investment portfolio, crypto included. The free version lets you connect up two exchange platforms and the paid-for edition has no such limits – it’s just got more features for analyzing investments in depth! In addition, there are news sections that pull from different sources so users can stay informed about any trends or developments within their specific field as well as everything else going around the world wide including economic indicators like GDP growth rates which might be relevant if we’re talking investing specifically here but also politics because who knows what will happen next?! And finally, Conclude.


crypto tracker apps

CoinGecko is a great tool for those who don’t trade as frequently. It lets you enter all your transactions by hand and provides detailed information about each one, which can be invaluable in making investment decisions! You also have the option of creating multiple portfolios that show how much money has been made or lost together with consolidated figures at any given time – this way it’s easy to see whether patterns are emerging over different periods before deciding what kind would suit best (or most) people here.


crypto tracker apps

CoinMartetCap provides a free portfolio crypto tracker live and apps service suitable for small numbers of transactions. The site also has manual entry options to manage your crypto investments, just like CoinGecko does–but it lacks some premium features found in other platforms such as advanced analytics and charts that allow traders greater insight into their investments.”


crypto portfolio tracker apps

Altrady is the perfect platform to store all your API keys and authenticate specific devices with two-factor authentication. You can also leave notes for yourself in case you make any mistakes, like chart screenshots of previous trades that may help avoid them! This crypto utility tracks important market news right within its dashboard so it won’t be hard finding out what’s going on when new developments are happening every day online. Finally not only does this tool come at a cost – but if we’re talking about advanced traders then they’ll appreciate how Alutrading does’.


crypto portfolio tracker apps

Kubera is a cryptocurrency tracker that takes care of all your investments, including stocks and crypto. For each type, it permits API import but you can also do manual entries if needed for specific exchanges like Binance or Coinbase which aren’t on their list yet – no worries though because there’s an easy way around! You’ll be able to see how much money was made in 14 days with Kubera’s charts as well as keep tabs on the percentage share held per asset class (including home ownership!). This portfolio management app even has pie charts so we know exactly what everyone gets paid without having too many numbers thrown at us.


crypto tracker apps

Coinigy is a trading platform that provides a free 30-day trial with all advanced features. It allows importing transaction data from API or wallets, creating panels in the board tab for news about keywords you want to monitor like exchange rates at particular platforms and a lot more useful kinds of stuff!


crypto portfolio tracker apps

The information available with CoinTracking is overwhelming at first, but if you stay put and take the time to explore all of its features it will provide tons of valuable insights. API access allows for quick importing transactions from other platforms as well; this way your data stays up-to-date without having any human intervention! Furthermore, there’s a beautiful reporting tab where every detail about fees incurred during trading activity along with gains & losses can be seen on one timeline – bar graphs show when they occurred relative dates per exchange which makes monitoring easy peasy lemon squeezy (or maybe some might even say.


Crypto staking is a new way for investors to earn passive income by holding cryptocurrency.

Many different platforms offer this service, but some worth checking out include Staker invest generation platform where you can trade your coins in an expectancy-based marketplace with all sorts of hedging options so it doesn’t go up or down too much depending on how the market fluctuates from day-to-day.



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